My Current Brush Set by Stereofrenik

by Stereofrenik
Photoshop brushes stroke

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The response on the my smudge brushes was so nice that I decided to share my current brush set with you. These brushes are all custom-made from the scratch - or at least almost all of them, 'cause I changed a few things of samples from the software itself. Made with CS6.
About their usage... they are really nice for inking, coloring, texturing, etc. If you want a look on more examples of works with this set, you can take a look on Love Kills, it was made with them. I'll probably add more brushes in the future, but they basically fulfill all my needs right now, so...
However, I would say their strong points are inking and adding texture.

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PS Brushes Glasses and Staches China Doll's Brushes