myPhotoshopbrushes.com collects and distributes a huge number of free graphic resources. The authors of our resources are artists and passionate amateurs from all over the world.

Our mission is to help designers and other creative minds to have an easy access to graphic assets they need. We want to ease the creative process behind their designs - websites, posters, cards, invitations and others.

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The team & the story

The story of myPhotoshopbrushes.com started in 2007. The site was created to address the needs of their co-founder, a Photoshop expert, Ewa Sajdak. Back then, Ewa was searching for the best way to gather and browse a large number of Photoshop brushes. She shared her ideas with Pawel Wozniak - a web developer. That's how myPhotoshopbrushes.com was born.

The immediate success of myPhotoshopbrushes.com showed how useful it was. And not only for Ewa. Since 2007 our website has helped millions of professionals and amateurs. We've also helped our over 700 authors to increase their visibility on the web.

In 2020, our team decided to go further and rebuild myPhotoshopbrushes.com. We want to get closer to our authors and start building a community. We're also aiming to extend the types of available resources.


We count on you to help us enhance myPhotoshopbrushes.com and make it even more useful for others. Are you an author of some graphic assets? Please consider joining our myPhotoshopbrushes community and submit your work!

Show us your work

Please show us what you've built. It's always heart-warming and rewarding both for us and for the resource's author. You can post your artwork on facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #myphotoshopbrushes.