What are the copyright rules for the graphic resources from myPhotoshopbrushes.com?

You are authorized to use any graphic resource only as is stated in its terms of use. Each resource's page contains its terms of use. Most of the authors forbid any use beyond personal. However, some terms of use allow for the commercial use. Yet, it’s always a nice gesture to let the author know if you are going to make money from their work. We provide you with links to all author's websites.

Who creates the graphic resources on myPhotoshopBrushes.com?

The graphic resources that we gather on our site come from many artists and passionate amateurs from all over the world. All of them agreed to display their work on our site. Everyone can freely download a resource and use it conditioned upon the terms of use. You can find more information about each author on their profile page.

By the way, anybody (you?) can become our author. Please check the next question for more details.

I would like to add my own graphic resources to myPhotoshopbrushes.com. How can I do that?

We’re looking forward to feature your work and we'd love to have you as our community member! You will need to sign up and create a profile on our site.

It will be straight-forward and fast. We'll also ask you to take a moment and read our Community Guidelines. Once signed in, you get access to the submission form with the detailed instructions.

All submissions are moderated within 24 hours.