1) Who creates the brushes on myPhotoshopBrushes.com?

Adobe Photoshop brushes/patterns/etc. that we gather come from many artists from all over the world. All of the authors agreed to display their work on our site and allowed free download conditioned upon the terms of use. Each brush/pattern/etc. is supplied with essential info that contains a link to its author’s website. Enjoy!

2) What are the copyright rules for the brushes/patterns/etc. from myPhotoshopbrushes.com?

You are authorized to use any brush/pattern/etc. only as is stated in its terms of use (to be found within the info field left to the preview). Most of the authors forbid any use beyond personal. However, some terms of use allow for the commercial use. Yet, it’s always a nice gesture to let the author know if you are going to make money from his/her work. We provide you with links to all author's websites.

3) Why do I have problems getting brushes from your site?

A sure and successful way to start download is to simply left click the ‘download’ button.

  1. Some web browsers (we know Safari does) immediately redirect you to the main page if clicking the ‘download’ button opens a new window or a new tab. If it is the case avoid forcing links to open in a new window.
  2. Some web browser download a .html file if you right click the ‘download’ button and choose the option ‘save the target as ...’ . Just left click!
  3. All files to be downloaded are compressed either as .zip or .rar files. Obviously, decompression is essential. Basically, any system deals with .zip files, for .rar you may need to install some extra software.

4) I would like to add my own brush/pattern/etc. to myPhotoshopbrushes.com. How can I do that?

We’re looking forward to your work! If you want to share your Adobe Photoshop brushes, patterns, styles, gradients or custom shapes write to us – send a link or submit zip file with .abr, .pat... file and information like terms of use, link to your site...