93 Free Watercolor Brushes

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Photoshop brushes: 93 in set

Category: abstract other

File size: 6.2 MB

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Terms of use: Free for commercial use

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These brushes may be used in personal and commercial work; credit is not necessary but feedback is always appreciated.

These brushes are provided freely and are not going to be sold in any form (by themselves or as part of any pack). Selling these brushes will result in the seller experiencing gruesome dental implosions.

The brushes included in this set were created by scanning and tweaking some paint marks made with light green watercolor on white paper. They're in their native sizes in the pack, to keep the file size down.

Play with them and show me a sample of what you can do with them!

I always set the spacing to the brushes to maximum so that you can get a constant stream of texture - reduce the spacing for a more lush feel to them but less texture in the middle.


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