20 Heart Custom Shapes

by Heart Vector
Photoshop custom shapes hearts, symbol

Items in set: 20

License: Free for commercial use

Number of Downloads: 1750


This pack of 20 heart custom shapes for Photoshop presents a broad spectrum of designs, starting with a traditional heart shape outline that is clean and timeless. It progresses to a playful variant with a dashed line border, then to a bold and filled black heart. A typical heart shape follows, with a solid outline, succeeded by a whimsical addition of a Cupid's arrow piercing from top left to bottom right. Another shape features a heart with a charming tail flourish, while another offers a heart with stylized wings on either side for a more fantastical look. There is a heart with an arrow shot horizontally through it, and two hearts intertwined, symbolizing unity or closeness. An artistic touch is evident in the freehand-drawn, scribbled heart, and a heart with lines radiating outward adds a sense of shine or glow. The collection also includes a plump, three-dimensional looking heart, and one with horizontal echo lines on either side, creating a motion effect. A lighter, ghostly outline of a heart makes for a subtle choice, and a group of three smaller hearts beside a larger one offers a sense of variety. A diagonally striped heart provides a textured look, and an abstract twist on the heart shape caters to modern tastes. Paired identical hearts overlapping slightly, a heart with a thick, prominent outline, and a solid heart with a decorative bottom swirl complete the set. These shapes cater to a wide range of creative needs, from adding a romantic touch to graphics, to crafting themed content for special occasions, or simply conveying affection in design work.

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